Behold Dancouga united


Some fanboy call it Danny, most ppl will know it as Dancouga.

Dancouga is a japanese anime based on combining super robot genre in the late 80s.

Plot of super robot… You know those shows that stress on good triumph over evil. Being brave & heroic thingy. Battling villians using their omnipotence robot with a sure kill move. Yeah you will knows it coming when the show is about the end with good guys winning. Most of the time saving the day/world/universe & saving the damsel in distress. Then happily ever after.

Robots which make Dancouga, Dancouga

 This dancouga toy is from bandai 超合金魂/SOC line or Soul Of Chogokin, in chinese pin yin Qiu He Qin Ling , literal translation super combine metal/gold spirit. Qiu He Qin or not this toy pack with diecast metal & plastics. For the standard of toy at the 21st century the metal content is above average.

Also not forget mentioning, the combining robot each has 2 alternative form, which is aggressive beast mode & vehicle mode, except for the smallest robot which is the head. 

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