Install PEAR in Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

System and OS : Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008
PHP Version :  PHP 5.2.6 or 5.2 major version
Web Server : IIS6 or IIS7
Assumption : PHP 5 is installed and web application running PHP-CGI or FastCGI

1. Open command prompt as Administrator.

2. Go to the installed PHP 5 directory, then type to activate batch command in the command prompt “go-pear.bat”.

3. Choose to install PEAR system wide, by default system install is selected. Press enter to proceed.

4. Next Question wizard will proceed to prompt you for path, use default will be fine, unless you has customized your PHP installation.

5. Step 3 to 4 is illustrated as the diagram below this statement :

PEAR Installation Wizard

PEAR Installation Wizard

6. The installation wizards after aquiring the input from you it will run a series of installation as illustrated below :

Installation In Progress

Installation In Progress

7. Once files is copied over and installation finishes it will promptThanks for using go-pear !. Then go back to the PHP main path and type “pear version” for post installation testing.

Installation finish and testing

Installation finish and testing

8. Post installation does not requires to run or tweak registry or running PEAR_ENV.reg is not needed.

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