Automating ossec installation in linux

One of the challenges that I have faced in linux environment were to automate installation.

Of course it is simple to script using bash in linux to run rpm or deb binary installation.

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Malaysia International Toys Fair day 2 and summary

About 24 hours later from the event here is the summary of the Malaysia International Toys Fair aka MITF.

EinsamSoldat MITF 2010 goodies

My MITF 2010 stash

With exception of MP Grimlock at the background, others TF toys and Hi-Metal VF-1J, those are freebees as well as things bought from MITF.

The most treasured item for the event is of course the Exhibitor’s tag 🙂 Thanks to TransMY.

This post will be highlighting the some of those figures in closer view. Of course from my point of view 🙂

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Malaysia International Toys Fair 2010 day 1

Have went early to help out the TransMY crew to setup the booth in the Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010. Not to forget it has been a long time since I have updated this blog.

To my regular visitor, sorry for the lack of update. Hopefully, next month onwards I am able to make updates more regularly.

For the Toys, I have went to MidValley Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as early as 9am GMT +8. Security were pretty tight for non-exhibitors need to wait until the official opening time.

Malaysia International Toys Fair main podium

MITF Main Podium

We were lucky via Wan De Real we are able to get a nice place in the Exhibition. Yes the TransMY booth show casing Transformers is situated directly opposite of the  MITF main podium.

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ROTF Brawn Review

Brawn as far from my child hood memory is 1 of those Autobots that I would not pay any attention to it due to its association of weak and small bot.

ROTF Brawn, deluxe class.

ROTF Brawn paperback plastic bubble package.

ROTF Brawn biodata.

ROTF Brawn package back shows biodata as well as feature.

However the rendition of Brawn in ROTF styled robot had made my jaw dropped all thanks to my friend TCracker.

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Combining ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime with JetFire to form Powered-Up Prime

JetFire and Optimus Prime getting ready for combination.

JetFire and Optimus Prime getting ready for combination.

One of the main reason getting both Leader Class Optimus Prime and Leader Class JetFire is both Leader class toy can combine to form Powered-Up Prime. Contrary to the combinati0n, in the Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) movie Powered-Up Prime is form after JetFire sacrifice himself to allow its body to beef up Optimus Prime weaponary and giving flight capability to Optimus Prime in the ROTF movie climax.

Regardless of TakaraTomy or Hasbro version of the toy, both is able to be combined without issues.

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Takara ROTF Leader Class JetFire Review

Leader Class JetFire robot front view.

Leader Class JetFire robot front view.

One compound word to describe JetFire in the Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie, Old Geezer. In the movie JetFire was a former Decepticon and grew tired of war. I do not recall that the movie explicitly mentioned that JetFire is an Autobot. I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend is in effect here. The version of this JetFire is the Takara version. Perhaps if you have the Hasbro version, you may spot the difference.

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Detailed Comparison of Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime and TFTM Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime ROTF and TFTM Compare Robot Head.

Optimus Prime ROTF and TFTM Compare Robot Head.

Transformers the Movie (TFTM) made in the year 2007 has brought Transformers back in to the main stream. Of course it is not without controversy, name calling or mud sling between Transformers fan. The Transformers fans is divided between the G1 purist and non purist.

What was transpired then, has actually breath a new life in to the Transformers fandom.  The Leader Class Optimus Prime was indeed the pinacle of Transformers toy. Although it is lack of  accuracy to the actual Movie Optimus Prime. It was indeed a Transformers toy that every Transformers fan wish to have.

With the new movie a new Leader Class Optimus Prime were released. Which one of the Leader Class Optimus Prime is better.

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Hasbro ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime review

Optimus Prime Single Energon Sword Attack CloseUp.

Optimus Prime Single Energon Sword Attack CloseUp.

Hasbro Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) leader class is definately the most movie accurate representation of Optimus Prime in both the 2007 and 2009 Transformers Movie.

This toy easily outdone any Takara masterpiece Transfromers in term of details, complexity of transformation and playability. Out of the box, Optimus Prime is in his robot mode ready to be pose with various pose. Transforming Prime into the SemiTruck is very complicated and it shows superb engineering of current toys compared to the G1 transformers.

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Mcfarlane 12 inch action figure Halo3 Master Chief review

Master Chief Strike pose 1.

Master Chief.

Master Chief or Spartan-117 is definately the iconic character from Halo series. On top of that this title series and this characters has help increase alot of sales for the Microsoft XBox . What is XBox without this characters.

McFarlane toys has a 7 inch figure on Master Chief from Halo line toy series, this figure is a scale up from the 7 inch little brother. This review is the 12 inch rendition from Halo 3 Master Chief.

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