Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime Robot Mode [Part2]

Optimus Prime, defacto soul of transformers. Make no mistake that no bot will ever replace this character. Even in the movie, Optimus Prime is designed to look closer to it roots or face the warth of its fans.

The leader class Optimus Prime toy comes in the default mode of a robot.

Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime front view

Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime front view

From the first glance it do not really look like the Prime you see from the movie. Disappointed ?

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Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime Truck Mode [Part1]

This toy is a definately must buy transformers toy. Of course, it comes in robot mode. For this review, its truck mode will be reviewed as for saying saving the best for last.

Optimus Prime truck mode front view

Optimus Prime truck mode front view

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Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime Teaser

Obviously, a transformers collection is never complete without Optimus Prime. Without Optimus Prime surely, it is like chocolate cake without chocolate flavor. My next blogs will be about Optimus prime from the 2007 Transformers. Stay tuned.

Optimus Prime truck mode

Optimus Prime truck mode

T.H.S.-02 : G1 Convoy part 4

Transformation :

Transformation from robot mode to truck mode is perfect but the proportion of the truck is not good. On top of that it has a lot of  ugly gaps. The ugly truck mode will encourage THS02 owners to refrain from transforming into the truck mode.

The only fun factor for truck mode, is the trailer can be attached to convoy.

The trailer itself can be transformed into cargo box, command center/support weapon platform and maintainance bay for  Convoy.

See the gaps ? 

Very bad proportioned 

  Trailer transformed into the command center or support heavy weapon

Convoy cooling off at repair bay


Summary :

Packs of tonnes of accessories and gimmick. Small and compact but highly pose able. Greatdetails at robot mode. Sadly poorly executed truck mode. On top of that not recommended for toddlers & big hands. Great for collectors which wants to expand Convoy collections. 

T.H.S.-02 : G1 Convoy part 3

Convoy in action :

Though Convoy is represented as a less than 15 cm midget, it does not lack of details & articulation. Convoy has 14 points of articulation which make it capable of multiple posing. In term of material used, Convoy contains some diecast in its chest & legs.


Watch my 6

With Jet-pack attached

Energon Axe attached… activated

Not forgetting, this mini Convoy has the mini Matrix. The matrix is small but it can be used to pose Convoy releasing the Matrix energy.

T.H.S.-02 : G1 Convoy part 2

Contents :

The item included with this toy package is manual, collector's card, 3 pair of extra hand, an energon axe, a blaster, trailer, custom base, mini roller, jet pack & convoy.

The contents

Although, the manual is written in japanese, transfroming convoy will not be a problem for the instruction manual is clearly illustrated.

Front cover of instruction manual and collector's card.


T.H.S.-02 : G1 Convoy part 1

Introduction : 

Convoy, the first Cybertrons commander introduced in Transformers. A symbol of all good & virtue. Perhaps one of the ageless icon in the transformers series. Now it is again immortalized in the TakaraTomy toyline THS.

Box art at the front

Yet again, the Japanese toys makers had made Convoy, ultra-small and surprisingly alot of details. This toy comes with alot of accessories & gimmicks. A vast improvement compared to the T.H.S.-01.

A look into the contents.

Like most premium toy package, this toy has a viewable windows to show the contents. A first looks the contents looks stunning.

World smallest Convoy(a.k.a. Optimus Prime)

Behold the original Convoy from Transformers (yeah it Optimus Prime but I prefer to call it convoy here).

Small stature does not discourage Convoy to stand tall & proudly


The Japanese has done it again in compacting their product. THS02 also known as Original Convoy is Takara line of transformers robot for ppl with space problem. 


It is standing at less than 13 cm height, with some diecast content. Robot mode is impressive but abit fragile for big hands. Articulation is good if not excellent for a robot at this size. Most of the weight is felt at the legs due to the die cast content over there.


Did I mention that midget convoy can transforms into a truck, this package do come with a trailer & a roller & tonnes of accessories. The only lament is the truck mode is below expectation. The makers can do it better.


Wow truck mode… but with tonnes of gaps… Robot in disguise exposed :S


If you can ignore its short coming, this piece is a keepers.


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