How to prevent SPAM

Email, love them… hate them or loving them and hating them.

For most users email will means business deal, appointment, opportunity or simply a hello.

Unfortunately, as long as you are an email user, you will not be able to prevent SPAM.

That’s right no matter how expensive, how sophisticated  Anti-SPAM countermeasure which you has taken there is no way to prevent spam.

SPAM can only be reduced but not prevented.

The good news is, you need not to be a nuclear scientist to combat spam. User, which is us needs to follow this few simple steps :
1. Ty not to expose your email in internet, e.g. webpage,  forums, contact form.
2. Do not provide/write your email in query forms in exchange for freebies.
3. Use common sense, think like spammer e.g. ways to harvest emails or obtain email either ethical or unethical way.

The reason for step 1, spammers can use programs/bots to harvest email addresses from webpage, forums, contact us form.

The reason for step 2,  unethical person or some company makes money by providing biodatas in electronic as well as paper forms.

Lastly, use common sense, example do not betray your self with a cheap freebie. Nothing is free in the world 😛

P.S.: I lied, there is no way of preventing SPAM 😛 Only good practices to reduce spam ends in your inbox.

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