Working with AWS EC2 burstable Instances

Technically incline folks may choose to use the “free” tier for the first 2 months from the AWS lightsail. Free comes at a cost of burstable CPU consumption. User of lightsail needs to get familiar with the overview of the Average CPU Utilization and Remaining CPU burst capacity as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the AWS EC2 burstable instance started, AWS will add a small amount of burstable credit as long as the EC2 instance CPU usage are not exceeding 10%. If deployment of software into the instances uses CPU exceeds 10%, the CPU burst capacity will be deducted. Remaining CPU burst at 0% capacity will cause capping of the performance for the EC2 instance.

In order for the CPU burst capacity the build to 100%, the EC2 must CPU utilization must not exceed 10%. This will the CPU burst capacity to accumulate to 100% capacity, over the period of 27 hours.

Therefore, before developers or system architects needs to understand this feature of EC2 burstable CPU, allow ample time for the CPU burst capacity to build up. In real world, when deploying applications, the software provisioning may utilized all the CPU burst capacity and causes bad user experience of software performance in the AWS cloud. If I were to be an enterprise solutions architect, I would not use EC2 that has burstable CPU capacity.

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