How to install Ruby on Rails using Ubuntu

  1. Upon starting the Ubuntu OS, Open Terminal.
    Ubuntu Terminal

  2. Type “sudo apt-get install ruby” <enter>
    Install Ruby

  3. Wait for the installation to be completed.

  4. Placing sources to proper location, go to /usr/src , type “cd /usr/src” <enter> .
    Change directory

  5. Use wget to download needed gem package manager , type “sudo wget” <enter> .
    Download gems

  6. A password prompt will be invoked due to attempt to write files at /usr/src , key in your root password.

  7. Extract the tgz file, type “sudo tar -xzvf rubygems-0.9.4.tgz” <enter> .
    Untar file

  8. Get into the extracted tgz directory, type “cd rubygems-0.9.4” <enter>.

  9. Use ruby to create run and install gem “sudo ruby setup.rb” <enter>.
    Installing Gems

  10. Update gem package manager, type “sudo gem update –system” <enter> .
    Update gem

  11. Install Rails framework and all its dependency(ies), type “sudo gem install rails -y” <enter> .
    Install Rails framework

  12. Go back to your default root, type “cd ~” <enter> .

  13. Create a new file as sample.rb , type “pico sample.rb” <enter> .

  14. In the pico console, type “puts “Hello World!” ” <enter> .

  15. To save and exit, press “Ctrl + X” , press “Y” , press <enter> .

  16. Run the sample ruby program, type “ruby sample.rb” <enter> .
    Running test script

  17. Congratulations, you have successfully installed, ruby, gems and rails framework.

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