Malaysia International Toys Fair 2010 day 1

Have went early to help out the TransMY crew to setup the booth in the Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010. Not to forget it has been a long time since I have updated this blog.

To my regular visitor, sorry for the lack of update. Hopefully, next month onwards I am able to make updates more regularly.

For the Toys, I have went to MidValley Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as early as 9am GMT +8. Security were pretty tight for non-exhibitors need to wait until the official opening time.

Malaysia International Toys Fair main podium

We were lucky via Wan De Real we are able to get a nice place in the Exhibition. Yes the TransMY booth show casing Transformers is situated directly opposite of the  MITF main podium.

Most of the toys were from different type of genre. We have designer toys as well as local toys shop join the array.

Dweey designer toys.

Though designer toys are not something new, it was introduce to me by some of my toys collecting comrades. But did not pay attention to it until my sister has introduce me to the toys of this genre. For this genre, I have liberated her coverage to be used in this blog.

What intrigues me, is the toys comes in plain white or other base color, then it can be used as a base for artist, professionals as well as hobbyist to engage in innovating the plain toy into a work of art.

Plain Jane Dweey.
Dweey Grass Plains
Dweey Innovated

Other various taken by Miss IB for ladies and those has soft spot for soft toys as well as designer toy.

Tofu Cube
Other designer toys
Soft toy of bear/monkey
yes it does has a name
Another designer toy brand.
Old master Q characters
Cute Golden Piglet
Detroit Metal City as designer toy motive
Mini Golem
Dolls for girls

Next part is dedicated to the TransMYians that has helped in this event.

De Real Transworks
Graphic Designer Hady
A band of TransMYians
TransMY Wong
Lou Yee Monk

Of course the rest of the team, will glad to post up the overall team after the end of the MITF second day. Though it is tiring, but it is fun to meet up and work face to face with TransMYian in this event. It is fun.

To the visitors, who has approached TransMY booth, I regret to inform you that the toys is for show case only. Most of the toys I believe is the each of the TransMY member’s precious, sorry for our attachment to our toys 🙂

Though I did take a quick snap on some of the visitors that has give us alot of moral support just by your attendance and enthusiasm.

Random Snap Shot 1
Random Snap shot 2
Random snap shot 3
Random snap shot 4
A shot at the crowds.

The moment that you have been waiting for, show cases of Transformers at TransMY booth.

Customized MP seekers
Customized MP Dirge
Custom Painted TFTM 2007 Megatron
Beast Wars Showcase
G1 Transformers dedication
Customized but Transformable MP Ultra Magnus.
Customized showcase 1
Customized show case 2
Customized Show case 3

The customized Transformers toys is proudly provided by Wan De Real. Should you have any enquiry you may visit his website which is stated at the begining of this post.

What would be a toys fair without cosplaying, others and others attraction.

Malaysian Bred Indie Band jamming
Performance by famous comic/cartoon characters

Will provide more update and details tomorrow on day 2.

And extra cover before signing off this post.

Macross toys collectors
Macross Mech and characters show case
Grimlock look onward for the next post of MITF

Till the next post and thanks for visiting 🙂

4 thoughts on “Malaysia International Toys Fair 2010 day 1

  1. yoh.. i long time never update blog.. but thx for introducing my pics.. btw u shud have watch toy story 3.. the pink bear is not a monkey.. its name is LOTSO… he smells like strawberry.. pls go smell it at any toy r us store.. lol

    • @CMei: Yes all the Designer toys are your photography hehe. Good also can cover other things of interest. Chicks diggs designer toys haha.

    • @Admin prime: Chicken feed issue, will meet up with TransMY members to provide the CD softcopy. On the 8th August 2010 in AMCorp mall.

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