Hasbro Autobot Drift

Drift’s spark and sword as one

Autobot Drift, one of the Transformers characters in the IDW comics universe. The story about redemption. My first impression of Autobot Drift, some badass cybertronian Samurai that takes confrontation up close and personal.

Autobot Drift comes in the hasbro bubble package under the deluxe class. In the bubble card package, Drift comes in it alternate form which is a white sports car. In which coincidentally looks more like a tuner car which is manufactured in the far eastern asia.

Close up of Drift alternate mode back view

Perhaps it is in the designer mind that a cybertronian Samurai needs to use far eastern machines as their alternate mode.

Close up of Drift alt mode car, front view

The accessories which is a long double hand sword can be kept with Drift in alternate mode.

Impressive alt mode
Nice sports car overall alt mode of Drift

The details of Drift in the alternate mode, is simple yet appealing. One of the my wish is either Hasbro makes the toy as an alternator or as Human Alliance scale, that would be awesome.

Just like most deluxe class of Transformers, the transformation is pretty simple and straight forward.

Transformation step 1
Transformation Step 2

First step, is to split open the alternate mode bonet. In which will reveals Drift’s head.

Transformation step 3
Transformation Step 4
Transformation Step 5

Once the bonet is split open, the front sides of the wheels will be able to be loosen up. Then slide the sides outwards. Followed by sliding the windshield up to protect the internal part of the chest.

Transformation Step 6
Transformation Step 7
Transformation Step 8
Transfrormation Step 9

The next transformation phase of Drift, will requires the transformation of the back of tuner car into legs. From my point of view, Drift’s most relatively complex happens at the legs. The side armor which doubles as short sword sheath needs to be swing further our to make the legs transformation easier. Transformation of the legs, need to have the back of the tuner car to be splitter into half.

Transfrormation Step 10
Transfrormation Step 11

After splitting the legs, the formation of the legs is folded like an origami, no pun intended.

Transfrormation Step 12
Transfrormation Step 13
Transfrormation Step 14
Transfrormation Step 15
Transfrormation Step 16

Once the legs, is transformed, what is left in place it to take out the arms which is hidden at the front sides of the car.

Transfrormation Step Completed
Obligatory pose with swords

Once transformation of Drift is completed, it will feel balanced. Unfortunately, there is no articulation at the ankle of the mecha or robot mode. The shoulder articulation of drift is very limited due to the large piece of shoulder armor.

Testing the articulation limitations

However, with limited articulations did not hindered the articulation of Drift. Though the accessories are limites, which is 2 short swords which is kept at the sides and a extra long two handed sword; the accessories is good enough for Drift to strike intimidating poses.

One long sword, and 2 short swords

On top of the accessories, the design of Drift’s head is well done. With proper lighting Drift’s blue eyes will glow.

Drift’s glowing eyes of determination
Pose with twin swords dual wielding
Pose with long sword and a single short sword

Short fact, I got Hasbro Drift due to an impulse buy, there is no regret getting this figure due to its Samurai-ness no gun policies. Other than that the brother Blur, mold that uses same design with different head sculpt, using pistols and big rifle and colored blue. TakaraTomy has release the rendition of Drift with better paint job and more premium price.

P.S. : Sorry to my frequent visitor for not updating this site for more than a year. Been jumping into different profession for the past 1 year and have been juggling my priorities.

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