MGSD Barbatos Gundam

A MG in SD, is the best way to summarize the Bandai Spirit MGSD Barbatos Gundam.

The size of the box itself is sized like a MG Bandai Gundam kit.

The number of runners warrant this kit to be priced like a MG Kit.

Building the head unit is plenty of fun, it is like adding layers on top of layers to create the head unit. The complicated part to fit in are the lens to the eye unit.

Building the head unit is as complex as building the head unit of any MG kit that Bandai has to offer.

The next part to build that has complication are the body unit. To build the body of MGSD Barbatos gundam, layer upon layers of parts are assembled.

The assembled body has workable pistons.

Cockpit of Barbatos is a seperate part mounted to the front of the body.

Building the arm unit, each of the arm consisted of 2 parts, shoulder armor, arms and hands.

Pistons at the arm works as well.

Legs units are simpler builds.

Waist unit are even easier to build.

Back pack.

Next would be panel lining.

Without panel lining, the head looks dull.

After penal lining, it brings out better details.

Next step, assemble all parts into Barbatos.

Test the articulation by a simple squat pose. Despite being SD, the articulations are amazing.

Lets take photos of Barbatos in a more decent setting.

Conclusion, this is an amazing kit, despite being a SD, the MG added to the SD is not just pure marketing gimmick by Bandai, the MGSD delivers its promises, making SD as intricate and as possible as MG.

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