Replacing Nintendo 3DS new XL thumb stick

Its a bummer when your gaming device has a damaged part. In this case, I had to replace my nintendo 3DS new XL after the thumb stick broken after playing too much of ace combat.

I had purchased the analog stick thumb nintendo new which is still available in Amazon. I will not be surprised if you can source for the similar part from Aliexpress or taobao.

nintendo 3DS new XL with its replacement parts
Making sure you have the right tool before replacing the damaged part.
remove all the accessories such as stylus, game cartridge, and SD card before proceeding further
Taking notes of connectors that need to be detached, ensure that the case are not yanked strongly as it will damage connecting ribbons
Connecting ribbon are carefully detached
Connecting ribbon are carefully detached
The actual part that are paired with the thumb stick
Ribbon detached carefully
Corresponding Ribbon detached
Unscrew the thumbstick assembly, it will reveal the thumbstick
Removing the film which is protecting the case from abrasions to the casing which house the thumbstick
After removing the film, take the thumbstick out
Damaged thumb stick on the left
Damaged thumb stick on the left bottom view
Unfortunately the pvc cover which are used to cover the original thumbstick does not fit to the replacement part

To replace the thumbstick repeat the steps backwards.

Thumbstick of Nintendo 3DS New XL replaced

This post is generally based on Nintendo 3DS XL 2015 Directional Pad Replacement – iFixit Repair Guide

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