World smallest Convoy(a.k.a. Optimus Prime)

Behold the original Convoy from Transformers (yeah it Optimus Prime but I prefer to call it convoy here).

Small stature does not discourage Convoy to stand tall & proudly


The Japanese has done it again in compacting their product. THS02 also known as Original Convoy is Takara line of transformers robot for ppl with space problem. 


It is standing at less than 13 cm height, with some diecast content. Robot mode is impressive but abit fragile for big hands. Articulation is good if not excellent for a robot at this size. Most of the weight is felt at the legs due to the die cast content over there.


Did I mention that midget convoy can transforms into a truck, this package do come with a trailer & a roller & tonnes of accessories. The only lament is the truck mode is below expectation. The makers can do it better.


Wow truck mode… but with tonnes of gaps… Robot in disguise exposed :S


If you can ignore its short coming, this piece is a keepers.


*Note : Pre-ordered from HLJ 😀 


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