Comparison : The 3 kings


From left to right : Voltes, Dancouga & Gunbuster

VoltesV :
Generally the robot mode & vehicle mode is nice. For picky players, the vehicle mode of the Frigate (aka Legs of VoltesV) does not look like a frigate. Overall its a good toy for play & display.

Dancouga :
It doesn't do much justice the points. However, its strongest reason that I had bought danny is; each of the machine Eagle, cougar, liger & moth looks very much like its Anime counterpart. On top of that, each of the machine can convert from robot mode to machine mode, to aggressive beast mode & part of Dancouga. Exception for the eagle it does not have a clear division of aggressive beast & machine mode. However, I'm glad I bagged this gokin.

Gunbuster :
At first look was planning to pass this gokin. But due to alot of poison & good review… wat the heck… juz bag this little bugger. Heck… calling it little bugger will not do it much justice as it is undeniable is the most possable with a satisfying "click" sound (reminds me of some of the old days Transformers). My only lament for this gokin is its alternate spaceship mode is far from perfect… need to swap parts

A superlative trivia :
1. Tallest, Dancouga is the tallest followed by Gunbuster… then …  (*Height is taken based on measuring from foot base to the head.)
2. Most posable, Gunbuster, Voltes… then..
3 Heaviest, Dancouga, Gunbuster… then…
4. Most innovative transformation… Dancouga, Voltes… Gunbuster last for it needs no swap parts

One thought on “Comparison : The 3 kings

  1. Not a big fan of your Super 3…so the only thing i thought i recognize were Starscream..but heck, it’s not even a transformers….and as i said, i aint a fan of those 3… 😛

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