Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime Truck Mode [Part1]

This toy is a definately must buy transformers toy. Of course, it comes in robot mode. For this review, its truck mode will be reviewed as for saying saving the best for last.

Optimus Prime Truck mode front view

The truck mode is very simple, the only gadget or gimmick it has is its electronic truck sound. Individual movable real rubber wheels. No articulation of opening doors or windows.

Electronic Gimmick

Another thing to gripe about this mode is its gun is very visible, sticking out at the back of the truck like a sore thumb. Or worst, it is a gun sticking to the back. Of course one can imagine that the gun is a very big radiator or a water tank etc.

Back view Optimus Prime alternate truck mode

At the closer look to the back of the truck, you will see Optimus Prime robot shoulder is visible, clearly visible it is like almost telling people I looks like a truck, sounds like a truck but definately not a truck 😀

Some kibble at the truck

The under side of the truck mode will expose Optimus Prime robot legs. But it is understandable and it is more properly concealed.

Optimus Prime truck mode under side view

Despite all these gripes, Optimus Prime in truck mode is really a solid toy, good detailing of the sculpt and real rubber tires. If you like you can roll it on the floor imagining it is a truck. The place to keep the battery is well hidden. It is placed in the oil tanks at the side of the truck which is easy to replace if the batteries died out.

Cool place to stash the batteries

Overall, Optimus Prime Transfomers Movie 2007 leader class in truck mode has its charms, simple and sturdy. The details though not up to the masterpiece line, but it is a commendable effort by Hasbro toys designer to come out with this toy.

To be continued on to the Optimus Prime Robot mode…

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