Not Blitzway Go-Lion Voltron

3 to 4 times more affordable. Missing display stands but the figures are not lacking in weight and having slightly dull colors. Not forgetting missing instructions are not a concern, as Go-Lion can be transformed and combined easily.

Out of the box, some assembling is required.

The legs, yellow and blue lion are heavy. All the legs, except paws are metal. Plenty of ratchet joints, bringing back nostalgia of classic toys made in the 1980s.

All the weapon mounts for individual lions have unique ports, there will be no way to attach wrong weapon to wrong lion.

However, the red lion and green lion which form the arms are plastics. The connector which can be hidden is the only metal part. The lions for arms is abit more loose compared to the lions for legs.

The black lion which forms the main body has a lot of metal parts, the part the stores front legs of lion are plastics. Wing has ratchet joints.

How lions looks when it is together.

Transforming the arms and legs to form Go-Lion/Voltron. The twist that this design offers is panel to cover up the lion legs. Which makes the transformation needs a bit of finessing but it’s not difficult.

The main body, the black lion is simpler.

To combine, get all the legs and arms ready with the body. Then get them combined.

After combining, the weight is heavier than any 1.5 liters soft drinks. Which with heavy legs, it limits posing of lower body.

Conclusion, this is almost as good as a real McCoy, at a very attractive price point. A must get for Go-Lion or Voltron fans to relive the 1980s nostalgia.

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