Optimus Prime Yolopark a 44 hours build

The first plastic model that I needed to keep track of the numbers of runners on a note book.

I would not recommend this build for folks that are busy, the smallest part in the model is smaller than 5mm by 5mm. Do not get kids involved in this build. The instructions are not as intuitive as mainstream Bandai Spirits branded plastic models.

With that said, the model build instructions are thick, 81 pages thick.

Despite all the short coming, it is a rewarding model kit to build. The company; Yolopark that has packaged this model kit has alot of deep thought and consideration to have silver plated runners to be packed in it’s own individual pack, this will prevent damaging the silver plate.

On top of the packing, the selection of the plastic material used are POM, ABS and PE. Most of the inner frame are made of POM, whereas, some parts or connectors, ABS are used. PE are mostly used in armors or in weapons. For seasoned modelers that are engineers in trade will appreciate and be able to learn how to build a good toy from building this model.

Unfortunately, due to the POM and ABS, this is the kit so far that had forced me to change a total of 3 blades for the art knife.

Thus, it is recommended to build this kit, due to under-gating are used, art knife or xecto knife are needed to clean up the excess sprue. Although alot of hobbyist praise the under-gating, most often the unspoken work are cleaning up the undergated plastics. This adding more time needed to cut the part before assembling.

Any access sprue or plastics from parts where you can feel like a 0.1mm excess, needs to be clean up. It is dues to the plastic kit needs very low tolerance in order for the parts of the kit to assembled correctly.

The hardest part to build are the main body. It has alot of parts that need to be build closely but not glued for it has very delicate and organic movement for the spine and the abdomen.

Then layers upon layers of parts are added to the back to form correct proper back.

The parts are layered on top of each other, when there are movement, the friction causes “click” sounds, the model does not have any ratchet joints.

The other part that has high difficulty would be the legs.

Do test the legs, and ensure it can bend more than 90 degrees.

If the legs are bent and limited to 90 degrees like the picture above, there is a high change the lower legs in blue are incorrectly assembled. So, refer back to the instructions which is related to the lower legs.

Here is the usual suspect in which will cause the lower legs fail to bend more than 90 degrees.

Ensure that part are fit at the area in red circle, the fix should allow the legs to bend correctly.

The diagrams above shows how the legs will bend when correctly assembled.

The easiest parts to assemble and build are the arms, hands, foot, and the pelvic region.

To put it together, all of the body parts, took over 40 hours to complete.

The energon axe and the ion rifle are walk in a part.

The tools that are needed will be nippers, art/xecto knife, STP son of the gun (silicon grease is a good replacement), and alot and alot of patience.

Assembling the rest of the body and parts into optimus prime is simple, except for the arm parts.

Additional part is needed to added to each side.

Still handle the completed Optimus Prime figure with care, in my figure, the windshield wiper was broken.

The wiper is PE, and a tiny drop of Mr. Cement will fix it.

Abit of dry washing the hands.

Some poses.

Iron man landing pose… 70% accurate

Neck is lacking of good articulation to force a good composition. Repositioning camera angle helps.

Conclusion, the Optimus Prime looks excellent and very closely resembles the movie, Transformers: Bumble Bee. Just need a lot of patience, and labor of love.

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