Kotobukiya D-Style Chirico Red Shoulder Scope Dog Turbo Custom

ScopeDog Turbo Custom is one of the more complicated DStyle model kit line from Kotobukiya. The ScopeDog is based on the anime series Armored Trooper VOTOMS which was first aired in 1983. The series was created, to jump on the real robot genre in the early 1980s. Despite aged hand drawn animation, the story has a charm of its own, battle in the animation is brutal and it is in the league of its own.

Simulation battle in the OVA is brutal yet interesting.

This model kit despite being Deformed, manage the catch the aesthetics of the VOTOM real robot.

There are at least 12 runners in the kit to build the Turbo Custom Scopedog.

Runner A feature, the head unit, body, part of the waist unit.
Runner B in pair having parts for the foot, lower arm and rocket booster to make the VOTOM as custom turbo
Runner C are the knee and lower leg that form the calves of the robot
Runner D, has part to form the upper arms, with options, thigh of the robots, side armors or the body, spike for the foot.
Runner E features, the head visor unit with its communication antenna, and backpack weapons
Runner F are needed to form the iconic triple lense unit for VOTOM head unit
Runner G, has the seat unit for the body, mainly rifle parts, and ammo magazines.
Runner H are the lenses, which are individually colored.
Runner I are the red shoulder armors, which is a symbol of terror in the VOTOM fictional universe
Runner J, is the body and pilot figure, Chirico Cuvie, the protagonist of the fiction

Lastly, PVC or soft plastics are needed as joints.

Runner PC1 and PC2, are the compulsory runner to make the figure posable.

To assemble the model kit, do start by painting Chirico Cuvie and the tri-lense parts.

Painting Chirico in the runners
Painting the lense before assembly.
Use necessary tools such as clip to help touch up and add details to the pilot body
Closer inspection 1
Closer inspection 2
Closer inspection 3
Closer inspection 4

Optional head, painted just in case 😀

The blue hair stoic protagonist
Side inspection
Back inspection

Assembling VOTOM once the obligatory painting are done on Chirico.

Chosen Chirico in pilot helmet.
The reason why pilot needs to be painted first, the pilot is not removable upon building of the kit, which is a shame
Mounted to the seat and its plastic prison forever
First few steps would require to imprison Chirico in its plastic prison forever
Assembling the side of the VOTOM
Simulating cross section details of VOTOM
Ready body unit
Ready parts for the assembling the body
Body almost complete
Lense unit complete

Lense mounted on head cover

Head unit assembled
Head unit back view
Hand unit has the iconic kinetic punch action
Right and Left arm, exposed piston upper arm are chosen for “cool” asymmetric factor of ruggedness
Assembling the legs
Assembling lower legs
Assembling of lower legs continued
Correct way to fit the legs unit, mechanical details allow the down form to be possible
VOTOM standard issue machine gun
Ready for assembly
Test shot of assembling VOTOM
Test shot of simulating battle damaged and last attempt of offense using the kinetic punch
Red shoulder custom ScopeDog
Back view of the Red shoulder Scopedog
Open visor for VOTOM Red Shoulder Scopedog custom
Another view of the scopedog from the back
Adding backpack and more firepower to the scopedog
Added more magazine, enlarge the backpack, and foot featuring rocket boosters
Front view of the Scopedog Turbo Custom fully loaded

More photoshots below with most of the background removed

Scopedog Turbo Custom front view 1
Scopedog Turbo Custom side view
Scopedog Turbo Custom backview
Turbo Custom for added rocket booster to the heels, and smoke grenade at the left shoulder armor for tactical advantage
VOTOM Red shoulder Scopedog Turbo custom front view 2

The kit was too complicated for the DStyle line, due to its complexity, the legs like to pop off from the waist. That is a critical weakness of this model kit. Would highly recommend this kit for fan of VOTOM series. Caution that it is not play friendly.

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