Transformers Grimlock Animated Voyager Class Review

Grimlock perhaps one of the favorite Transformers characters. Strong like a bull T-Rex but a dimwit. In the Transformers Animated, the character stays loyal to its G1 Transformers.

The style of the new cartoon is abit deformed with some elaborate feature such as the added jaw. This toy follows the rendition of the new cartoon.

Transformers Animated Grimlock Dino mode

In the package, Grimlock stays in its alternate dino or T-Rex form.

Package front

Package back

Too bad, the dinobot leader lacks of accessories and gimmick in my opinion. After opening the package, just like other Hasbro toys Grimlock is securely tied with cables. In which it is an integrated fun before you can actually play with the toy. Grimlock comes with only a sword and a lousy manual. In which the transformation information is lacking of details (as usual), it gives brief tansformation of Grimlock from T-Rex to robot mode but no instruction to revert back to T-Rex.

What you see is what you get out of the Animated Grimlock package

Since this Grimlock is a rendition of the Cartoon Network Transformers. A deformed dinosaur, luckily they did not cokor it purple then makes it soft and cuddly. The main feature of the T-Rex mode, is Grimlock bites.

Left side of dino mode Grimlock has autobot insignia
Right side of dino mode Grimlock is plain
Snapping action

The gripes in dino mode is, the T-Rex small arms is not articulated. And secondly Grimlock robot does not like peekaboo, you can see its head exposed below the neck of the dino mode.

Robot kibble in dino mode

Overall if you can ignore the small arm and no-peekaboo issue it is a good mode


Transforming Grimlock is more challeging on first try. It us due to the transformation of T-Rex legs into Grimlock robot arm has some issue. By default the T-Rex knee just unable to slide in into the dino tights which is the upper arms for Grimlock.

Dino knee in robot mode need to be pushed in further, unable to be done due to tightness of upper arm or the dino thigh

You will need to have to remove the screw from the robot upper arm with proper tools. Before forcing the knee gently into the thigh, thus forming the arm.

After loosing a bit of the thigh screw, the knee can be pushed further in

Hasbro has did it by making Grimlock very close to its cartoon rendition.

Grimlock Transformers Animated Robot mode Front View
Grimlock Transformers Animated Robot mode left View
Grimlock Transformers Animated Robot mode right View
Grimlock Transformers Animated Robot mode back View

unforutnately, Grimlock has limited articulation in it arms due to the large upper arms and broad chest. Legs has limited swivel to the front and back. Its head can turn left to right but unable to look up and down. It is able to twist its waist but not able to move itÅ› chest.

Articulatio at the waist but limited

Detailing for the Grimlock is quite impressive except its lower legs.

Chest circuitry adding mode details to the robot toy
Grimlock robot Front head details
Grimlock robot side head details
Grimlock robot back head details

Last but not least GrimlockÅ› molten lava like big sword. It has a trigger at its sword handle that will triggers the Flame pop out. It is activated once the sword is attached to the right hand and have the right wrist rotated.

Grimlock’s Volcanic sword
Grimlock’s Volcanic sword activated

Comparing Grimlock to his Volcanic sword

In my opinion this is a solid toy that follow the cartoon network Transformers rendition of Grimlock which may looks like a monkey or ape due to its longer arms. However it is designed to be playable. Just a major fear is fading of Autobot insignia after long play. Just too bad that Hasbro did not make it perfect by covering the robot head in dino mode and provide articulation to T-Rex small arms else this toy will be perfect.

Grimlock posing with volcanic sword

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