Transformers Convention preparation and teaser

My buddies in the TransMY have sweat it off by arranging the concourse in Queensbay Mall for the up coming convention this weekend from the 26th till 28th June 2009.

Masterpiece Prime and THS Prime showcase.
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Transformers Henkei Grimlock C-03, Robot Mode [Part 3]

Grimlock is the dimwit with only brawn and raw power. In its robot form, Grimlock is more where it shines, that is if you are able to overlook its short stubby arms inherited from its stubby dino legs.

Grimlock robot articulation
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Transformers Henkei Grimlock C-03, Dino Mode [Part 2]

Right out the package, Grimlock is in Dino mode, the mode resembles a raptor dinosaur than a T-Rex. The dino mode resembles more like a mechanize rather than a real dinosaur.

Grimlock overall view
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Transformers Grimlock Animated Voyager Class Review

Grimlock perhaps one of the favorite Transformers characters. Strong like a bull T-Rex but a dimwit. In the Transformers Animated, the character stays loyal to its G1 Transformers.

The style of the new cartoon is abit deformed with some elaborate feature such as the added jaw. This toy follows the rendition of the new cartoon.

Transformers Animated Grimlock Dino mode
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