T.H.S.-01 : Galaxy Convoy, review part 2

Contents : 

The contents 

The package of this toys contain the main parts for tranforming such as the “backpack”, super mode head & a gun. 2 cyber keys were included and it functions just like in the cartoon. 3 pairs or extra hand for extra poses. A manual on transforming & a collector card.

Hands are more of PVC like material, same goes to the head but the head material is harder.  Back pack, cyber keys and legs add on are made of plastics. The Galaxy Convoy figure is an amalgam of plastics and die cast. Die cast content solely located on the legs, the torso and hand is made of plastics.

Instruction manual and collector card

The instruction manual front cover features Galaxy Convoy, the instructions are all in Japanese but contains diagram that clearly illustrate the transformation process from the figure to Super mode, fire truck mode, space cruiser mode & heavy weapon platform mode. Transformation mode of this toy are authentic to the Galaxy Force series. 


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