T.H.S.-01 : Galaxy Convoy, review part 3

Figure, transformation & gimicks :

Robot mode is the default form of the toy. It has about 12 points of articulation. Only lament is that the legs joints to the hips is not articulated. Otherwise, it will be very posable. The gimicks that comes with this robot figure is multiple hands for different poses and not forgetting the matrix is also included in the chest compartment of convoy, just like in the cartoons 😀

  “Let the matrix light up our darkest hour”

The next transformation mode is Super mode, transformation wise it is not perfect transformation, not as shown in TV, head of the normal convoy needs to be changed to the super mode head. Otherwise, the transformation from convoy to super mode will be perfect. Other than that not much complains. Articulation is similar to the original robot. The backpack for the supermode can have its weapon activated using cyber keys.

With all weapons activated in super mode 

Cyber key in action 

The following transformation mode is into firetruck. It has the details but unfortunately the wings are quite floppy for there is no mechanism to hold the wings to the side in fire truck mode. The firetruck are able to roll with wheels. Too bad transformation is not perfect to hide convoy’s head

“Spot  my head ?” 

Next, space cruiser or gunship mmode. This mode lack of “what-is-shown-on-TV”. This will be my first and last attempt to transform convoy into this mode. The mechanism is unable to lock the cannons and its wings at a fixed place. Final result it looks more like a star.

An abomination

Last form of transformation, it is more like the backpack transform leaving convoy out of the equation. Convoy only acts like a gunner or some commander issuing a “CHARGE!!!” command to cannon fodders.

Summary :

This figure is small, so small that large hand will do the bidding of Megatron. Also keep it away from kids, it has very small parts and it cannot take too much punishment. The bright side is it is small compact that you can stash it without worrying about space economics. Great details and articulation to the robot of this size. Due to the details that the figure has, stickers are not included. This toy is great for Transformers diehard fans and collectors.

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