Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Gimmicks [Part4]

Cyclonus do not has a lot of accessories. The only gimmick is nightstick aka its gun/blaster.

Cyclonus with NightStick

The lack of accessories is forgivable, NightStick on its own is an interesting piece of gun.

NightStick robot mode

The posebility of NightStick is limited to its arm, elbow and leg minus its knee.

NightStick simple pose

It is too bad that the gun barrel too long, it may becomes the 3rd leg for NightStick. If the barrel is collapsable the robot mode of NightStick would be perfect.

NightStick transformed into a gun

The transformation of NightStick from robot to gun is very straight forward that you need no instruction on the transformation process.

Once it is transformed it becomes a big gun.

Side view of NightStick in gun mode

NightStick on gun mode can be attached to Cyclonus cybertronian jet just above the cockpit/cabin.

NightStick attached to Cyclonus cybertronian jet mode front view
NightStick attached to Cyclonus cybertronian jet mode front view
NightStick attached to Cyclonus cybertronian jet mode back view

NightStick can only be hold by Cyclonus on its right hand, which is very unfortunate.

You can’t help but imagine that Cyclonus whenever he wants to shoot his gun/blaster, he might say “Say hello to my little friend.” .

Cyclonus and its little friend NightStick
Cyclonus with NightStick transformed into gun

The articulation overall is good, but the waist unable to twist and the arms is articulation is limited due to the wings is blocking the full articulation potential.

However, the torso connection to the legs is ball point there is fear of the ball joint loose after long play.

In the nutshell, the articulation of Cyclonus is good but not excellent.

Nobody messes with Cyclonus

As a summary on this toy, it shines its best in robot mode. Cybertronian jet mode is a bit floppy at the lower part of the Cybertronian jet. It sleekness on its robot mode and its pal NightStick offset the small flaw in the Cybertronian jet mode. It is a very good attempt by Hasbro and TakaraTomy to remake the toy with better accuracy to the G1 Transformers character.

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