Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Robot Mode [Part3]

Cyclonus just looks slick, lean and mean in robot mode. It follows as close as the G1 Transformers.

Cyclonus in robot mode

The proportion of Cyclonus robot mode is very nicely done.

Cyclonus side view
Cyclonus back view

Panel lines and detailing is done on the legs, arms, torso as well as the wing.

The head detailing is superb, the red eyes looks intimidating, fully capture the essence of Galvatron’s vassal. It has a insidious grin sculpt to its head.

Close up to Cyclonus head

The red eyes glowing effect is due to the toys designer uses a piece of translucent red plastics as it’s eyes.

Back of the head exposes where all the lighting of eyes happen

From the back of the robot head, it is revealed that the glowing eyes feature is due to exposed back. Nevertheless, the evil red menacing eyes of Cyclonus is appealing.

Close up to Cyclonus upper body

To be continued to review Cyclonus gimmicks.

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