MasterPiece Collection : VFA-6Z

Packaging :

The book like packaging is the signature casing to store this toyline. The functionality is to ensure mint like condition for the toy. Its cover can be open to display the item. 

A book ?

Opened, an impressive packaging

Stickers and Manual


Manual :

Although lacking of hard cover, but the illustration & step by step transformation guide is quite informative. Nicely colored. 

Preface, introduction to pilot & machine

Sample of transformation instruction



Center fold, sorry no hentai here πŸ˜€



Instruction to place stickers


Catalog cum teaser



Accessories :

Not too shaby or generous. Antanae/radar/sensor, pilot, cyclone, gunpod & ammo clip. Too bad pilot not posable or articulated. Cyclone also not possable or transformable. Cyclone act more like a display. Gunpod, can have the ammo clip attached & detached.

On the top, sensor, below it the pilot, below the pilot is the cyclone & gunpods with detached ammo clip


Main content : 

From the first look, it has impressive amount of diecast. The die cast content concentrate on its main thrusters or its legs (in battroid mode). Other than die cast at the truster, its nosecone, wings, stabilizers are in plastics. Most of the part are solid except the stabilizers and the landing gears.

Paint job in certain part is quite sloppy aka not smooth.

In term of proportion, in fighter mode, the thruster looks rather imposing & over sized. In guardian & battroid mode, its legs is noticible big & imposing.

There is also noticable gaps at the wing.

In guardian mode & battroid mode, its flaw will be shown. Complain is on floppy joints of the arm, elbow, wrist, legs(joining to the hips). 

The grip on the gunpod is not so great, with floppy wrist, the hands will not be able to support the weight of gunpod.

Transformation, is near to perfect but not perfect due to the sensor or radar needs to be attach & detach during the transformation.

Landing gear is part of gimick but poorly executed for it is not able to support the fighter weight, & the rear landing gear will retract automatically due to its weight concentrate on the thrusters. 




With gunpod attached with one side of the wing. Unfortunately, the ammo clip is left out.


Cockpit open without pilot

Cockpit with pilot 

Cyclone storage compartment 


Poorly executed landing gear, it does not support its own weight



Part of the gimick, missle pods opened revealing micro missles to be unleashed


Conclusion :

Good : Good amount of die cast, good packaging

Bad : Floppy legs, heel & arms. Bad paint job. Not perfect transformation.

Not recomended for perfectionist. But good addition to a hardcore fan of robotech new generation or mospeada.