Bandai Hi Metal R VF-1J Armored Valkyrie

One of the most badass 1980s Real Robot from Macross. The mecha was featured during the Miss Macross episode. The main character, Ichijō Hikaru were given a patrol duty while Miss Macross competition was in full swing. It was a turning point that things will never be the same between Ichijō and Minmei.

Bandai Hi Metal R VF-1J Armored Valkyrie front box
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Bandai HG 1/60 ARX-7 Arbalest version I.V.

Bandai HG 1/60 ARX-7 Arbalest version Invisible Victory package

The plastic model kit is the rendition of ARX-7 Arbalest in the Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory. Despite a 1/60 scale, it is just a small model after build. The impressive aspect of this kit is that it has good articulations and high detail, as what is expected from a modern model kit produced by Bandai.

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Unboxing Metal Build ARX-8 Laevatein Version I.V.

It has been ages waiting for this product to be released by Bandai. Icing on the cake, Bandai just release this figure in its highly detailed and high-quality line collectible the Metal Build. Laevatein for fans of Full Metal Panic series knows it is a major upgrade of ARX-7 Arbalest after Sousuke defeated by Leonard.

Front package Bandai Metal Build ARX-8 Laevatein Version I.V.

It has some heft to the box and package, not overly complicated box art.

Back package Bandai Metal Build ARX-8 Laevatein Version I.V.

Nothing too fancy, from the back of the package, just overview of the Laevatein with accessories and how the base can be used as a weapon storage and display stand.

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Bandai Robot Damashii ARX-7 Arbalest

Arbalest dodging with combat shotgun

Bandai Robot Damashii or Robot 魂 entry for the Full Metal Panic series arm slave ARX-7 Arbalest, perhaps is one of a solid action figure mecha and yet affordable compared to the Alter Mechanical Model ARX-7 from my previous entry.

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SOC GX-31 Voltes V review

Voltes V as far as I know is a Japanese animation made in the 1970s, fall under the Super Robot genre with intriguing storyline. Bandai has finally given Voltes V with Soul of Chogokin treatment. What attacted me to this toy is not because I am a fan of the animation series but it is the details and engineering of this highend collectible toy.

Most part of this robot is made of die case, joints at the shoulders are ratchet joints. Ball joints were used at the legs connected to the pelvic region. Knees are using ratchet joints. Too bad there is no articulation at the waist and chest due to the transfromation mechanism. Head and elbow has very limited articulation too.

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SOC Voltes V preview

SOC Voltes V box front view.

Got this die cast toy many moons ago but did not have a good camera. The box art is conservatively follow any Soul of Chogokin; actual picture of the toy in the front and the back of the box is printed the features of the toy.

SOC Voltes V box back view.

Only manage to snap a few pictures before my camera run out of juice.

SOC Voltes V packed in polyester foam.

Even if you have never watch the cartoon before. Bandai add a card deco on the package with label on vehicles that forms the Super Robot Voltes V.

SOC Voltes V in the package.

More to come in the next up coming post. Stay tuned.

Migrated old post using wordpress

Just did pull a few old post from my old blog to RobotHentai. Images quality is way below my current blog posts.

The very old posts are :
1. Dancouga

2. Small but highly detailed Convoy a.k.a. Optimus Prime

3. Various chogokin comparison featuring comparison of Dancouga, Voltes V and GunBuster.

4. Love it and hate it Alpha figher toynami master piece ; MasterPiece Collection : VFA-6Z .

5. Review of THS-01 Galaxy Convoy :
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6. Review of THS-02 G1 Convoy :
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Will work on newer updates in the future. Just realize this is the 2nd no pictures post in 🙂