Migrating MSDE 2000 db to MSSQL 2005 Express

Scenario :
An ASP web application in which the backend DBMS is running on MSDE 2000 SQL Server.

Objective :
Making the ASP web application to use MSSQL 2005 Express on to the server. On top of that database created on the MSDE 2000 Instance needs to be migrated over to the MSSQL 2005 .

Scope :
1. MSDE 2000 SQL Server instance name is localhostHELM , MSSQL db name HelmDb.
2. MSDE 2000 SQL Server instance is running at a non MSSQL default port (not 1433).
3. MSSQL Server 2005 Express is used.
4. Using default MSSQL Server 2005 Express instance localhostSQLEXPRESS .
5. OS used Windows Server 2003.

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