Bandai HG 1/60 ARX-8 Laevatein version I.V.

Bandai HG 1/60 ARX-8 Laevatein box

ARX-8 Laevatein is the final upgrade for the MC in Full Metal Panic. It features lambda drive that the antagonist uses.

Bandai had made a good job for this kit. While alot of the parts are reused, yet some smart designs are used to make the reused part unique.

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Making the Bandai EG Grade Nu Gundam complete with Fin Funnels

Box art of EG Nu Gundam

This is a nice kit that gives a very basic Nu Gundam at scale 1/144. Unfortunately, it does not come with the fin funnels.

Bandai do recommend the HG 1/144 Nu Gundam fin funnels are compatible with the EG Nu Gundam. Nope, am not getting another kit to make the EG Nu Gundam.

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Bandai Hi Metal R VF-1J Armored Valkyrie

One of the most badass 1980s Real Robot from Macross. The mecha was featured during the Miss Macross episode. The main character, Ichijō Hikaru were given a patrol duty while Miss Macross competition was in full swing. It was a turning point that things will never be the same between Ichijō and Minmei.

Bandai Hi Metal R VF-1J Armored Valkyrie front box
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Not Sentinel Metamor-Force Dancouga

Dancouga, super-robot genre in the 1980s now with modern CAD design and modern manufacturing techniques, manage to bring the figure from anime into physical form.

Not Sentinel Metamor-Force Dancouga, come packed with styro-foam box and packaging

Compare to its Sentinel Metamor-Force Dancouga original counterpart, this figure is not just a copy but a reproduction with improvement.

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Kotobukiya D-Style Chirico Red Shoulder Scope Dog Turbo Custom

ScopeDog Turbo Custom is one of the more complicated DStyle model kit line from Kotobukiya. The ScopeDog is based on the anime series Armored Trooper VOTOMS which was first aired in 1983. The series was created, to jump on the real robot genre in the early 1980s. Despite aged hand drawn animation, the story has a charm of its own, battle in the animation is brutal and it is in the league of its own.

Simulation battle in the OVA is brutal yet interesting.

This model kit despite being Deformed, manage the catch the aesthetics of the VOTOM real robot.

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