Bandai Hi Metal R VF-1J Armored Valkyrie

One of the most badass 1980s Real Robot from Macross. The mecha was featured during the Miss Macross episode. The main character, Ichijō Hikaru were given a patrol duty while Miss Macross competition was in full swing. It was a turning point that things will never be the same between Ichijō and Minmei.

Bandai Hi Metal R VF-1J Armored Valkyrie front box
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Replacing Nintendo 3DS new XL thumb stick

Its a bummer when your gaming device has a damaged part. In this case, I had to replace my nintendo 3DS new XL after the thumb stick broken after playing too much of ace combat.

I had purchased the analog stick thumb nintendo new which is still available in Amazon. I will not be surprised if you can source for the similar part from Aliexpress or taobao.

nintendo 3DS new XL with its replacement parts
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Not Sentinel Metamor-Force Dancouga

Dancouga, super-robot genre in the 1980s now with modern CAD design and modern manufacturing techniques, manage to bring the figure from anime into physical form.

Not Sentinel Metamor-Force Dancouga, come packed with styro-foam box and packaging

Compare to its Sentinel Metamor-Force Dancouga original counterpart, this figure is not just a copy but a reproduction with improvement.

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How to upgrade an old laptop that is lagging

First assuming that compatible hardware is available, get compatible SODIMM RAM. and identify type of hard disk your laptop can use.

General idea, check the laptop user manual to identify what are the maximum RAM that are supported total, what are the maximum RAM supported in a slot. And importantly does the motherboard chipset of your laptop supports SODIMM that are different capacity. Clock speed as long as its higher than the laptop spec, the motherboard chipset will automatically tune the RAM Clock speed to match the maximum speed supported by the motherboard.

For context, the old laptop for upgrade is an Acer Aspire E5-475 which comes with 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD that has an Intel i5-7200U CPU at 2.5GHz.

Generally, a laptop should be serviceable, however by opening the service area, it will void the laptop warranty, ACER Aspire E5-475
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Kotobukiya D-Style Chirico Red Shoulder Scope Dog Turbo Custom

ScopeDog Turbo Custom is one of the more complicated DStyle model kit line from Kotobukiya. The ScopeDog is based on the anime series Armored Trooper VOTOMS which was first aired in 1983. The series was created, to jump on the real robot genre in the early 1980s. Despite aged hand drawn animation, the story has a charm of its own, battle in the animation is brutal and it is in the league of its own.

Simulation battle in the OVA is brutal yet interesting.

This model kit despite being Deformed, manage the catch the aesthetics of the VOTOM real robot.

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Measuring how much time vagrant up is using to complete orchestration

A little bit of effort to search the net and encountering the solution, powershell will is a simple way to measure time spent executing a command. In Linux environment, time command can be used, but in this post, it is limited to Windows environment.

Based on the conventional wisdom from the documentation of Measure-Command of powershell. The command would be as follows:

Measure-Command {vagrant up}

However, by running the above powershell command, the output to the screen will be not available.

Hence, more searching in the internet (Source: time – Timing a command’s execution in PowerShell – Stack Overflow) leads to the complete command below:

Measure-Command {vagrant up|Out-Default}
Console output is shown when the command running is being piped into Out-Default

Based on the previous post of the vagrant orchestration of GitLab, the orchestration takes about 50 minutes in my computer with timedotcom broadband connection.

Total time spent for the command to end, 50 minutes plus.

Conclusion, measure-command is easy way but lack of detail such as time spent on CPU, IDLE time and network operations time. It will not be suitable for use if more details are needed.